Photos by  Mark Hartman

Photos by Mark Hartman

Vanessa Wruble is a D.C. native who has dedicated her life to producing socially relevant media, political organizing, and redefining the global narrative of modern African culture.

Okayafrica, the company she started with Questlove (of The Roots) and business partner Ginny Suss, is now the largest media company focusing on a forward-thinking, nuanced view of Africa today. She previously worked as the first international correspondent at Al Gore’s Current TV, as a Communication Specialist for the United Nations, and as a journalist for several print magazines. 

Wruble first arrived in Africa to work in humanitarian aid for an NGO in Sierra Leone, but quickly turned from neo-colonial development to deep emersion in the many, and unique, cultures overflowing on the continent. During her extensive time living and working in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Gabon, Sao Tome & Principé, Equatorial Guinea, and Somalia, Wruble found herself representing some of Africa's biggest music stars. That lead her to the great honor of working with the family of Fela Kuti to re-release his music, assist in the production of Fela! on Broadway, and reignite the legacy of Fela as an anti-colonialist, political revolutionary in the collective global consciousness.

Wruble graduated Cum Laude from Williams College where she studied Women’s Issues, Psychology, and Fiction Writing. She holds Master’s Degrees from from The New School for Social Research in Psychology and from NYU in Interactive Media, where she focused on using technology to enable rich human interaction. As an echoing green social entrepreneurship fellow, Vanessa focused on women in the media.

Vanessa is a co-founder of the Women's March on Washington, where she served as the Head of Campaign Operations, so as to right the imbalance of power, fight on behalf of all marginalized people, and ensure the end of structural patriarchy. 

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